An Institution of Eminent Service

IMC – Pakistan, an independent firm of Management Consultants, has served the Nation with eminent service since 1999.

LEAD BY ENTHUSIASTIC partners assisted by professionally experienced staff and support staff, the firm offers a complete range of services including auditing, accounting, tax planning, business valuations, succession and estate planning, financial planning, small business and entrepreneurial counseling and computer consulting.

BUSINESS ADVICE is what our owner-managed business and entrepreneurial clients are looking for, providing that advice in a personalized proactive manner is one of IMC - Pakistan strong points.

THE FIRM'S EXCEEDINGLY regarded tax department has expertise in all areas of taxation - including corporate, personal, estate, and goods and services taxation. Clients frequently call upon our experienced tax professionals to structure pending transactions in order to achieve the greatest tax benefits.

THE FIRM'S PROMINENCE is on the small-to-medium sized owner-managed business, as well as on a momentous number of not-for-profit and charitable organizations, professionals. Our clients participate in virtually every sector of the local economy and have come to rely on the high level of service we deliver.

A Dedication to Professional Development

A  CONSULTING FIRM'S strength rests, above all, on the quality of human resources. For that reason, IMC - Pakistan is strongly committed to professional excellence and development at every level of its operations.

IN ADDITION TO FULLY accredited professional staff and audit, accounting and tax technicians, the firm develops new talent by employing accounting students at various levels.

EACH NEW STUDENT is provided with a specially developed training manual and attends a week-long staff training program. In addition to the ongoing training received in the field, the firm holds several in-house courses each year which includes audit, accounting, computer and taxation updates.

The Entrepreneurial Strength of Mind

A FREINDLY OWNED and operated business, with its entrepreneurial strength of mind, has inimitable requirements well beyond the standard accounting activity and tax services.

THE PARTNERS AND STAFF of IMC - Pakistan strive to provide creative, personalized solutions to your problems.

VALUE ADDED professional services are what entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for. To meet this need, our team of professionals provides ongoing business advice to help you meet your goals and objectives, and plan your company's future.

OUR LIST OF CLIENTELE indicates how diversified our experience is in providing services over a broad business base. We are pleased to be associated with the long-term success of many local and foreign organizations.

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